An administrative assistant service that will help you grow your business

An example of some of the services we are able to provide... It is best to contact us directly to discuss your specific business/needs


*Calendar Management

*Email Management


*Building or managing databases (of contacts, for example) 

*Booking appointments and calls  

*Making travel arrangements 

*Monitoring voicemail 

*File management (in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) 

*Data entry 

*Creating reports/Generating forms

*Preparing slideshows 

*Drafting letters, emails, internal communication, etc. 

*Sending cards/gifts (for holidays, thank you’s, milestone events, etc.) 

Customer Service

*Processing orders and shipments
*Processing refunds
*Handling customer inquiries
*Operating live chat
*Following up on orders, inquiries, etc.
*Chasing outstanding payments
*Updating member records
*Inviting/approving requests to join a membership community (e.g. Facebook) 


*Leaving comments on other blogs

*Contacting influencers and potential partners on behalf of your client 

*Participating in relevant groups or forums

*Reaching out to advertisers for ads or sponsored posts 

*Finding guest post opportunities 

*Setting up interviews 

*Distributing press releases 

*Booking speaking engagements 


*Creating invoice templates 

*Sending invoices
*Processing payments
*Updating a profit and loss statement